Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Storytelling: Lovers & Addicts

Tonight, more Crick Crack! Back to their Archetypes series - taking place at Rich MixLovers & Addicts  was a stellar lineup of performers, including my favourite, Clare MurphyDaniel Morden, and TUUP! Highly recommended - again, tickets were still available this afternoon. I asked the team, but they didn't seem keen - to be fair, I think da boss would've, but was too busy.

So I headed out - nice to have one within walking distance. Arrived just in nice time - the former Meetup group organiser was ahead of me in the queue at the ticket desk. And I was in time to get the last of the seats in the front row.

A lot of 80s music playing before they took the stage - indeed, at the interval, they had Leonard Cohen on, which was a treat; it's been so long since I listened to him! A definite romantic theme ran throughout the music - appropriately enough for tonight's story theme. Finally, Ben Haggarty, MCing as usual, introduced them, and on they came from the wings. Last on was Clare Murphy, who fairly bounded onto the stage!

With TUUP onstage, we got a fair smattering of music throughout, even when he wasn't actually performing. I guess he agreed this with them in advance..? Anyway, with all taking multiple turns, we got a terrific mix of performances tonight. Indeed, it would be hard to pick the best among this so-talented group of performers. Clare Murphy had a comic tinge to her performances - and, as ever, a deep feeling for her characters, bringing them to life so vividly.

But for me, tonight, it was TUUP and Daniel Morden who completely captivated me, and it would be hard to choose between them. TUUP, always performing with a drum, cast a musical spell on me, so that I could hardly concentrate on his words, blended with the music as they were. Daniel Morden, on the other hand, wove such a spell with his words that I hardly knew when he had finished - and it came as a shock when he spread his hands wide to indicate that the story was at an end, and the crowd applauded! I was so lost in the tale.. 

I have to give a shout-out to the fourth performer, of whom I had never heard - because this was her very first performance with Crick Crack! Seems to be a feature of this series, that they're using the shows to give newcomers a spot. Sarah Liisa Wilkinson was a revelation - with a nice sense of humour, a good element of audience participation, and an enthusiastic rendition. I really liked her - looking forward to seeing her again!

As to the stories.. each had an element of love, of addiction, or of both. All tended to have a supernatural element - and some were quite spooky, assisted by TUUP in the background, making tinkling sounds. A fantastic addition to these archetype shows is the Q+A afterwards - and it was fascinating to hear a couple of Lithuanian ladies in the audience tell how they had a legend in their country that was quite similar to one of Daniel Morden's! Roll on more of these evenings. At their best - like tonight - they are truly otherworldly.

Tomorrow, I had booked with Up in the Cheap Seats (UITCS) - same organiser as yesterday - to see Shipwreck, at the Almeida. But from the terrible reviews I've heard, it sounds a lot less attractive to me than before. Sod it, the company social is the same night, and I've agreed to join the folks at work. So I cancelled the play. Anyone want a ticket..? Then I'm back to Ireland for the weekend.

And on Monday, back with UITCS for Blood Knot at the Orange Tree. Assuming I make it, given that I cancelled the last one I'd booked here, as well..!

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