Sunday, 31 March 2019

Kaleidoscope Exhibition

Today, Let's Do This was off to a kaleidoscope exhibition at the Saatchi gallery. And so I booked. It was only the two of us! At least I could have something of a lie-in, as it was later than yesterday's start.

I'm a bit fluey today, so that lie-in was really needed. I woke in good time, and was just checking my messages - still in bed - when the phone pinged my one-hour warning! For my event..?! Uh-oh- I'd forgotten the change to summer time! The bedside clock, of course, isn't smart enough to update automatically - my phone is, luckily. So, cue another scramble like yesterday's - handily, there are a few buses that take me down to the Tube, which I'd have to take, to get all the way out west.

Bus came quickly, I made a Tube straight away - which was packed with weekend wanderers - and actually made it early to Sloane Square. Where I met my companion, and we headed to the gallery. He's been here a lot, I believe - I never have. It's an airy and pleasant space, over four floors, divided into several different galleries. The kaleidoscope exhibition is on the ground floor, to the left as you enter.

Gallery 1 houses an interactive, walk-through tunnel, with changing lights - not for sufferers of photosensitive epilepsy, obviously! However, sneakily - they require you to pay if you want to walk into it: and you have to remove your shoes. Photography allowed, but not flash. Our conclusion was that it was very 60s, very psychedelic. It was also the best thing in the exhibition, by a country mile.

Gallery 2 is also interesting - concentrating on maritime themes, it includes a fascinating series of water paintings..

..and you know what? Just skip the rest of the exhibition - unless you're a big fan of modern art, it's a bit useless. Instead, head upstairs to the truly awesome exhibit of Arctic photography, which shows the effect of climate change.

A couple of videos play on loop at stages around the exhibit, showing aspects of local life.

Our final visit was to the basement, where you can buy prints - and it's well worth a look:

Afterwards, we repaired to La Bottega, where I - being hungry (I'd had nothing to eat yet) ordered chicken Milanese and roast potatoes. Note: the guy behind the food counter doesn't take orders - order at the till and it'll be brought to your table. Nice little place for a quick bite, on a sunny afternoon. Unfortunately, I shouldn't have gone for the chicken, which was dry and tough. The hot chocolate was better, and I'd be happy to try a pastry - the selection was tempting. Anyway, despite the conversation consisting of Brexit and redundancy, it was a very pleasant outing, and I'm delighted I went. It was then Tube all the way back.

Tomorrow - with nothing on Meetup (are Meetup people getting tired?), I booked with my "cheap ticket club", first time in ages, to a concert by Ekaterina Semenchuk & Semyon Skigin, at Wigmore Hall. However, I've been in contact with an ex-colleague about the doings here, and he wants to meet us - I picked Monday, as he wants to meet my boss as well, who'll be on holiday from Wednesday and for the rest of the week. So I cancelled the concert - and now he's decided Tuesday would be better! Ugh. That concert is still the best thing on - we shall see. Things are so up in the air, I'm reluctant to book anything.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I'm at plays with Up in the Cheap Seats (UITCS). Wednesday, we're off to Ghost Stories, at the Lyric in Hammersmith! Now, I saw this before, years ago.. but absolutely loved it and am delighted to see it back. And this time I'm very near the front.

On Thursday, we're at Intra Muros in Park Theatre. Then I'm back to Ireland for the weekend.

And on the 8th, I'm back with UITCS for She Persisted, by the English National Ballet, at Sadler's Wells.

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