Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Dance: Ballet Boyz

Tonight, I was back with Up in the Cheap Seats for Ballet Boyz at Sadler's Wells. Another day that threatened rain, but didn't - thankfully.. Unfortunately, as my horoscope predicted, it was what you might call a "weird" day. The evening was not improved by my co-worker, who insisted on diverting a discussion to provide a defence for the Black and Tans, for goodness' sake! That, combined with deficiencies in the software I was using (damn upgrades - never a good idea), and the general awkwardness I still find with using a Mac, left me in the foulest mood I've had in months. The toilet door got the brunt of it, but didn't complain.

Anyway, it's easy to get from the office to Sadler's Wells - the #19 or #38 take me right to the door. From my new office, I might be able to walk! If they'd bother to tell us exactly where it is. Anyway, I was just in time for a #38, and after quite a quick journey - until Rosebery Avenue, where the traffic was dire - I alighted and made my way upstairs to the Second Circle bar. (These stairs don't get any easier!) We all had seats up there, and it was the most sensible place to meet. I was first to arrive, apart from the organiser, and we had a convivial chat - somewhat disturbed when, out of the corner of my eye, I spied something like a swarm coming up the stairs - sure enough, a whole swarm of schoolkids. I predicted they'd be sat near me and sure enough, they ended up right behind me! Quiet enough - not completely, but the music of the performance was loud enough that they didn't impinge.

Ah yes, the performance. The first half consisted of four short pieces - and I'm afraid I didn;t take to any, apart from a very graceful pas-de-deux ("Us"). The first had a seesaw in it - as spotted in the programme at the interval, this piece examined the balance of things (or something). The second piece involved them mostly running around in a circle, playing follow-the-leader by the look of it, with each imitating the actions of the leader. And there was one which seemed to involve men rebelling against the authoritarian rule of the guy in the red coat. All in all, very masculine pieces, quite repetitive, and I was left very unenthused. Yawn, frankly. Just not my thing - but they were very talented, and others will take to it, I'm sure. Runs till Saturday. Me, I made my apologies and left at the interval - great to have an early night, actually!

Tomorrow, back with Funzing (London Speaks Sessions and LDN Talks @ Night) for a talk on Revolution in Iran: Girl with a Gun. This will be an interview with a female Kurdish revolutionary.. on the Battersea Barge, which I believe can get choppy. Never mind. This is one I got for free, for completing a loyalty card with three talks. Or work have a Latino night, some corporate VIP being in town on a visit. I'll see how I feel on the night.

On Thursday, Let's Do This are back to St. Martin-in-the-Fields, where London Concertante is performing Bach Violin Concertos. Then I'm back to Ireland for the weekend again.

And on Monday, back at Southwark Playhouse with Up in the Cheap Seats - this time, it's for A Day By the Sea.

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