Thursday, 12 October 2017

Concert: Bach Violin Concertos

Tonight, Let's Do This were back to St. Martin-in-the-Fields, where London Concertante was performing Bach Violin Concertos. An easy stroll from the office (in its current location), and I stayed in the office till about 6:50 - the organiser said he'd be outside, with our tickets and free programmes, from 7. Indeed, I nearly made that - we met on the porch, got our tickets and programmes, chatted a bit - and when everyone had arrived, we went inside. It was pretty damn nippy!

We who had side seats were seated in boxes - which meant a side view for me, and my neck stayed twisted uncomfortably for most of the night. And I could've done without the fat lady in the box beside me, who needed so much space for her elbow that I couldn't sit back. Never mind.. I had the best view of the stage (well, altar!) that I've had for years! I mean, I could actually see the harpsichord..

Ah, Concertante. The same old jokes - but they're good ones. We'd miss them, to be honest! And for all the times I've come here, I keep forgetting what a lovely venue it is, with its ornate gilt chandeliers and plastered ceilings, like a wedding cake - and how perfectly it suits the music, which was sublime. Mozart was followed by Albinoni was followed by Bach - and Oblivion, by Piazzolla, as usual, to take us into the interval. For afterwards, more Mozart and Bach. I was truly transported - it's not that often I get to classical concerts, of all the things I go to, and this venue is a treat.

Afterwards, just a couple of us repaired to The Chandos - much busier than the last time we were here, and tables and chairs were prized properties! Our organiser kept a keen eye out, and we were sat before long. A most pleasant chat ensued, putting a fine end to what was a delightful evening. So glad I came..

Tomorrow, I'm back to Ireland for the weekend again. And on Monday, back at Southwark Playhouse with Up in the Cheap Seats - this time, it's for A Day By the Sea.

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